photography by NATSKY | Lismore Event Photographer ~ STELLA STRUT

Lismore Event Photographer ~ STELLA STRUT

October 01, 2014  •  1 Comment

So this afternoon I did a blocky in Lismore. This wasn't just any blocky was the Stella Strut!

A group of wonder women gathered, dressed predominantly in red and all manner of shoe finery, to strut the block and raise awareness for the cancer charity, Under The Red Dress. The charity will be the benefactor of proceeds from the upcoming Thread Fashion Event to be held on October 11th in the Back Alley Gallery. Our little stroll was to promote both the event and the charity. It was also a fun way for local Stella Network members to arrive at their final destination for their monthly meeting...and a damn fine excuse to wear heels!

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Rebekka Battista(non-registered)
Natsky ...great photos!

Thank you for covering such an amazing event for a wonderful cause.

love your work!
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