Natsky travels the Northern Rivers from her home in Lismore, with a smile on her face and a camera on each shoulder. 

Her photography is raw, natural, beautiful, interesting and a little bit quirky.

As a self confessed voyeur, she delights in capturing those candid moments amongst the hoopla;

the holding of hands, the sentimental smile, the joy of a performance, the excitement of a child...

...along with the atmosphere and emotion of any event: a rainforest wedding, a live concert or a street parade.

Music, events and wedding photography...the fuel that fires her belly and feeds her soul!

Imagine the wafting smell of freshly brewing coffee, the warbling tones of Nina Simone pouring out her heart, a big comfy armchair to laze on and warm sunlight dancing across the floor as it trickles through the big open windows. The air is fresh and there is an underlying vibrancy and buzz about life in the air. You are now sitting in my virtual studio ...welcome!

You may be here on a mission planning a wedding or possibly ready to take over the world of music with a new album. Times are busy and exciting and I would love to share your trip with you,

helping out with my experience and a relaxed yet professional approach.
As you flip through my images I hope you are inspired, moved, delighted and enjoy my perspective on the world. Let me know when you need another coffee and I look forward to hearing from you about following your dreams!