Lismore Portrait Photographer ~ Little D

May 01, 2014  •  1 Comment

Remember this guy?

This is Little D and we hung out with cameras last year. A year on, we did it again and the cuteness and character D Man exudes is intoxicating! You have to smile watching him. At times it wasn't possible to take the shot cos I was laughing too hard to hold the camera still. He is such a character and I loved hanging out with him again. Here are a few from our fun...

Lismore photographer  001Lismore photographer 001

Awake for only a minute and already he's smiling!

Lismore photographer  004Lismore photographer 004 Lismore photographer  003Lismore photographer 003 Lismore photographer  006Lismore photographer 006 Lismore photographer  007Lismore photographer 007 Lismore photographer  008Lismore photographer 008 Lismore photographer  010Lismore photographer 010 Lismore photographer  011Lismore photographer 011 Lismore photographer  013Lismore photographer 013 Lismore photographer  017Lismore photographer 017 Lismore photographer  016Lismore photographer 016 Lismore photographer  018Lismore photographer 018



Laurel Moston(non-registered)
Oh wow!!! He is so beautiful mind body and soul. These photos Natsky are just beautiful you have captured a gorgeous soul!!
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