Lismore Music Photographer - LISSY STANTON

November 06, 2013  •  4 Comments

Last Monday I got to hang out with this bundle of fun and energy, known as Lissy Stanton.

Next year will see the release of her new album so Lissy was after some new promo shots...cue me and cameras.


We started in her old hometown of Nimbin for some shots where she grew up.

The above shot shows the verandah of the house where she was born!

...and below the back stairs to the same house.

Lissy04Lissy04 I have a lot of photos like this...when this lady laughs her whole face lights up...and she laughs a lot!
We had a redonkulous amount of fun...
Lissy05Lissy05 Lissy06Lissy06 Lissy01Lissy01 The most amazing green eyes...
Lissy07Lissy07 We ventured to the beach afterward and that's when Lissy's free spirit really let loose.
Lissy pranced, jumped, climbed trees, rock-hopped, ran, laughed, breathed....and just was!
I tried to keep up with the cameras...
Cannot wait to start editing these and relive all the joy and fun that radiates from this songstress.
Check out her website or you can find her on Facebook and Myspace.
Big thanks to Chrissy for being my camera bitch for the day and for wardrobe selection and general fluffing too!


Lissy Stanton(non-registered)
Oh Nat I love love love these!!! You are a truly amazing talent and what a doll you are to work with :) I had a fantastic shoot and with Chrissy in tow we had, as you put it, a redonkulous amount of fun. You have an eye for capturing the essence of people and that is what drew me to you to have you as my photographer.....boy am I glad I found you!! Cheers Lissy xo
Kathy Smith(non-registered)
Beautiful shots of a beautiful lady.
Charlotte pirrone(non-registered)
Wow! Some beautiful shots of a beautiful lady! Really captures her natural radiance a free spirit!
Yep, Me too !! Can't wait to see some more of those great shots you have taken of Lizzy . Thank you Nat. of a wonderful day, Lizzy and I had a ball !! It was my pleasure to be your camera bitch for the day, hahaha was lots of fun, any time baby !! Really looking forward to the next shoot with you and Lizzy. Lizzy has invited me to join her when she pops over to go through the pic.'s and I think a bottle of yellow with cheese and biscuits will be in order for this next meeting to celebrate your wonderful work ! Thank you again for letting me join in on all the fun with you and Lizzy , cheers for now Chrissy.x
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