Lismore Event Photographer Slideshow ~ SURVIVOR by Dadang Christanto

August 06, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Artist Dadang Christanto brings attention to the plight of a displaced people with his performance art piece "SURVIVOR". 
23 volunteers, caked in mud, holding a victim's portrait, stand silent for two hours. I was lucky enough to be a part of it, photographing the performers as the cold set in. A silent vigil for the unheard.

Some performers chose to stand sentinel like for the full duration with one lady holding her pose for the entire time. Most moved slightly as the cold set in, with a few blue lips appearing. Watching expressions, listening to breathing, tuning in to the show of emotion was a very zen experience where everything slowed and stilled. I saw sensitivity as people cradled their stranger's portrait and moments of contemplation, wondering what they had been through...were they still alive? Moments of compassion, sadness...

A very different photo assignment for this freelancer and one that moved me. Hoping that it will give some traction to sorting out this ongoing mess. 

Currently showing at the Lismore Regional Gallery, until 26th August.
Click for TOUR DATES of this amazing exhibition.



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