Natsky the Bobblehead!

May 16, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

So got myself a GoPro Hero2 camera a few weeks ago wanting to do some time lapse photography and some pics while racing around at roller derby.

In an effort to learn how long a battery charge lasts, I set it up on top of one of the two screens I use for editing work...and forgot about it.

Working in a dimly lit room means the resolution and quality is decidedly low-fi, but when playing the resulting pics through at speed, I was left giggling.

I discovered that the battery lasts around 2 hours.

Watching candid images of yourself is hilarious...I am usually behind the camera, not in front.

It showed me the similarities, subtleties, nuances and facial expressions that I have seen in both my mother and sister. I now understand why people think we are so alike.

When concentrating I pull some crazy faces.

My posture while working at the computer is terrible and now that I am conscious of it, hopefully I will improve it.

This little slideshow is no masterpiece but purely a bit of fun and gives you an insight into my "glamourous" world as a photographer!




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